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Boys Track 2022

Coach: David Sears , Noah Imel


Click HERE to sign up!

The first day of practice for the 2022 SMS Boys’ Track & Field team is Monday,  March 21, 2022...

Students must have a physical on file and be registered on Register my Athlete in order to participate.

- Are you ready to run fast, jump high, fly far, and/or throw far?

- How about improving your times and working as a team on a daily basis?

- Or maybe you want to set your sights on beating a school record?

- Also - did you know that participating on the track team is a great way to keep you in shape for other sports and activities such as: baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, skateboarding, hockey, rugby, windsurfing, hang-gliding, frisbee, volleyball, foosball, lacrosse, zip-chipping, Fort-Nite-ing, roller skating, Roller Derby, ping pong, dance, and many more?

Come to the first practice and be part of the SMS Track Team for 2022!

For the Boys’ Track & Field team, the first meeting & practice is Monday, March 21, from 4-6 pm in the gym.

It is very important that you have had an athletics physical for this school year and that you sign up on if you haven’t already done so. You are NOT allowed to participate in any practices until you are registered!


There will be no practice during Spring Break.

The first meet is Thursday, April 14th.

Click here for a link to the complete Practice and Game Schedule. This schedule will be updated as needed throughout the season.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the coaches.