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Fundraisers - General Info

The students at Schmucker Middle School are involved in two fundraisers during the school year.  
Our first one, Mrs. Field's Cookie Fundraiser, runs for two weeks at the end of September.  The students sell the world-famous cookies, churros and pretzels with 40% of their profit going directly into each 8th grade student's account for their field trip to Washington, DC.  The teachers and administrators feel the fundraiser is so important, that they will reward the students who sell a specific amount with a party during the school day, commonly known as the Sparty Party.  
Fundraiser update: 
  • TomorrowWednesday, November 2nd, is Mrs. Field's fundraiser pick up from 4-6.  


Please enter at the ramp (Door M) to pick up your items.


If you sold 4 or less items, you may take them on the bus.  

If you sold 5 or more items, you will need to have someone pick up the items between 4-6pm.   

Due to the nature of the items, you must take them home on Wednesday, as we do not have the space to store them at school.  They must be placed in a freezer as soon as possible.  


If any parent would like to volunteer help, please use the sign-up genius:



The second fundraiser will start in the middle of November with the students selling poinsettias.   This fundraiser is sponsored by the PTO.  6th, 7th, and 8th graders will be able to bank their profits to help with their Washington, DC trip during their 8th grade year.
If you have any questions, feel free to call Kevin McMillen at (574)259-5661 or email   Thank you for supporting Schmucker Middle School and students.