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Fundraisers - General Info

The students at Schmucker Middle School are involved in two fundraisers during the school year.  
Our first one, Mrs. Field's Cookie Fundraiser, runs for two weeks at the end of September. 
We kicked off our sales on Wednesday, August 30.  Any student who sells three or more items will be invited to our annual "Sparty Party" which will be held during the school day on  Thursday, October 26.  Some students will also be rewarded cash draws based on how many items they sold.  The 8th grade students may use their proceeds to off set some of their costs for the Washington DC trip in May.  The students received a packet in advisory class on Wednesday, August 30, so please take a moment to look over the material. Remember, all the funds help Schmucker's students, staff, and community.  All orders are due on Tuesday, September 19.  Delivery will beWednesday, November 15.  Thank you for participating in Schmucker's fundraising efforts, and if you have any questions, please contact Christie Heerschop, assistant principal, at or 259-5661.  Students needing an another fundraising packet may stop by the office, and request one from Mrs. Chrisman.  
The second fundraiser will start in the middle of November with the students selling poinsettias. This fundraiser is sponsored by the PTO. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders will be able to bank their profits to help with their Washington, DC trip during their 8th grade year.
If you have any questions, feel free to call the front office at  (574) 259-5661. Thank you for supporting Schmucker Middle School and students.