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News from Mr. Sears


Stay tuned to WSMS and the Schmucker website for more details and announcements, and see Mr. Sears if you have any questions.


Attention ski club members,

Our next attempt for trip number two for ski club will be Monday, January 28.
We have had some very unpredictable weather and uncertain trip conditions all season, And this weeks canceled trip provided yet another reason for all ski club members and parents to be signed up for Remind alerts!
If you and your parents have not signed up for email and or text alerts through the Remind app, You need to sign up ASAP.
You can find links and announcements about REMIND on all of our Ski Club information - both paper and digital formats.  Check the SMS website today if you still need to complete this important task to keep yourself informed with the most up-to-date information regarding Ski Club.
Please see Mr. Sears in Room 230 if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Mr. Sears

REMIND Join Link:

Thank you to all members and chaperones who represented Schmucker Ski Club and Schmucker Middle School with pride on Monday night as they hit the slopes on the inaugural day of Swiss Valley's 50th anniversary year!
For a few members, it looked like the slopes were hitting back pretty hard, so I want to remind everybody that you still have the opportunity to take FREE lessons on our first 3 trips.  There are free lessons for ALL skill levels.  As you know, ALL BEGINNERS MUST TAKE LESSONS.  This is so important because - not only does it help you learn the basics of an activity you may continue the rest of your life - it also helps you avoid being a danger to yourself and OTHERS on the slopes!  If you are out on those slopes appearing to be dangerously out of control, you most likely will be pulled from the slopes to be given a reminder.
Next week's Ski Club trip will be on TUESDAY, January 22 instead of Monday since Monday is Martin Luther King day and we do not have school.
Finally, today, I encourage all Ski Club members to consider going to Swiss Valley and using their passes on a weekend or other non Ski Club day. in order to ensure that you will use all of the punches on your card.  As you know, the season was supposed to start on Dec. 14, but we didn't actually get to go on our first trip until January 14.  
In 21 out of the past 22 years, Schmucker Ski Club members have been able to go on all 7 trips, sometimes even skiing into March.  Because of our unwavering commitment to serve Ski Club members and provide them with every trip possible, Swiss Valley refers to SMS Ski Club as the "DIEHARDS".
But this year presents the highest likelihood that we will NOT be able to provide all 7 trips.
Just like every year, we will make every effort to go 7 times, BUT that would mean we need this winter weather to STAY winter weather CONSISTENTLY for the next 6 weeks.  Anybody who has spent 1 winter in Northern Indiana knows that CONSISTENCY does not even belong in the same paragraph as Northern Indiana weather.
So - stay tuned to announcements and REMIND alerts for the latest Ski Club updates, and have a great weekend!
Mr. Sears


Attention Students and Staff, 
Wednesday, January 16, is the final day for ordering Ski Club apparel. 
Please check the Schmucker website for the link.
The ONLINE STORE closes at the stroke of midnight!   
Thank you,
Mr. Sears


Attention Ski Club Members,
We may finally have enough snow to go on our first trip to Swiss Valley on Monday, Jan. 14.  
All Ski Club members should have received a bright green "IMPORTANT Ski Club Info" sheet that contained the answers to many of your most common questions about Ski Club.  It would be a good idea to review that sheet so you know exactly what to do and where to go on a Ski Club day. 
It has answers to such questions as:
When & where can I drop off my ski or snowboard equipment on a Ski Club day?
Where do I take my bag if it doesn't fit in my locker?
When and where do my parents pick me up at the end?
In addition to that, you can find out how to sign up for email or text alerts so you get the most up-to-date information about trip status by signing up with the REMIND app.
If you still wanted to order apparel, you have just a couple more days to do so.
If you did not get this important information sheet, see Mr. Sears in room 230.
You may also access the sheet on Schmucker's website.
Thank you,
Mr. Sears


Attention Ski Club members and parents: IMPORTANT SKI CLUB UPDATES - Please read the attached PDF so you know what to do and expect on Ski Club days.  There are links for ordering Ski Club apparel as well as for signing up for free email and text alerts through REMIND.
Due to the lack of snow, our first scheduled trip is now Monday, January 7, 2019.


Attention Ski Club members-

Unfortunately, The Ski Club trip scheduled for this Friday, December 21 has been canceled due to extreme lack of winter.  
Our next scheduled ski trip is Monday, January 7, 2019. This is also when you will receive your Ski Club membership cards.
On Friday, all Ski Club members will receive an important information sheet that details what to do on a Ski Club trip day. This information will also be available on the Schmucker website.
Fortunately, the online Ski Club spirit wear shop will be up and running soon so you can order apparel.  Stay tuned for more announcements about that.

Please see Mr. Sears in room 230 if you have any questions about Ski Club.


Attention skiers and snowboarders,
Unfortunately there is no snow at Swiss valley so tomorrow’s trip is officially canceled and will be rescheduled later.
Fortunately-we have extended the ski club sign-up deadline to tomorrow, December 14, so students may still join without paying the late fee.
Remember that you can pick up information packets from the main office or from Mr. Sears’s room- room 230.
The information packet is also posted on the Schmucker website, and that is where you can start the online sign-up process.
Thank you, 
Mr. Sears