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News from Mr. Sears


Ski club 2017 is finished!  Swiss valley has closed for the season, but you may want to hold onto your ski club card...
Swiss valley is offering 1 free visit any day before 1/10/18 when you turn in your expired 16/17 club card!  Rentals are included if you originally had rentals on card.
If you have not yet picked up your Ski Club Chevron you ordered, see Mr. Sears ASAP in room 230 today.  Also, there are a few lost and found items in Mr. Sears' room.  If I were your parents, I would NOT be happy about you losing all the stuff we have found.  Come and get yourself out of trouble... the sooner the better.
I hope everybody had a great time with Ski Club this year despite the crazy back and forth weather and the early end to the season.  This is the first time in nearly 2 decades that SMS Ski Club did not take all 7 trips!
I guess now it's time to focus your efforts on skateboarding, BMX, getting in shape for track season, and other outdoor activities...
...and of course - ISTEP!!!
Thank you,
Mr. Sears


Ski Club is canceled for tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 21.
Although Swiss Valley was open all weekend including today, their base is depleted to the point that we would have to walk down the muddy/slushy slopes to get to the couple that still have a little snow on them.
Looking at the forecast, it seems that there is a strong possibility that Swiss Valley will not be able to open again this season... this is just my guess!
I will keep you posted!
Thank you,


Ski Club Trip #5 is ON for Monday, Feb. 13.
Swiss Valley has snow, so we're gonna go!
Our makeup trips will be:
Trip 6 - Tuesday, Feb. 21
Trip 7 - Monday, Feb. 27 (FINAL Trip!)



Ski Club Trip #4 is ON for Monday, Feb. 6.
Also - our makeup dates for the canceled trips will be Mon, Feb. 13Tues, Feb. 21, and Mon, Feb. 27.



Attention Ski Club members,

Our next trip is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 6.  Remember that the best way to get the most current and correct information about our trip status is to sign up for email and/or text alerts with or the REMIND app.
Thank you,
Mr. Sears



This is just an FYI that - contrary to popular belief (and Swiss Valley's website and social media) - SWISS VALLEY WILL BE OPEN TONIGHT for Ski Club!
I have personal confirmation from Swiss Valley.



NO Ski Club tomorrow - Monday, January 23

Swiss Valley will be closed tomorrow, Jan. 23, so there will be no Ski Club trip.

Our trip will be made up the week after we finish with our other 2 makeup trips!


Attention Ski Club members,

Our next trip is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 23.
Please do not be fooled by the weather and assume that we will not go on Monday just because it will be 55 degrees on Saturday.  There was one year when it was in the 50's and rainy for a week and everybody thought it would be impossible for Swiss Valley to be open.  Then it rained all day on Monday, then the temperature dropped, and we went skiing that night.  
The best and fastest way for you to be updated on Ski Club trip status is to sign up for alerts through REMIND.  If you and/or your parents have not yet signed up, please save yourself from the headaches and uncertainties of our Northwest Indiana/Southwest Michigan indecisive weather situations and JOIN!!!  See item #4 on the "IMPORTANT Ski Club Info Sheet" for instructions. 
Thank you,
Mr. Sears



Ski Club Announcement: 
FYI to all - Swiss Valley announced that they will be closed today, so we will not be going on our trip as scheduled.  The makeup dates for our 2 missed trips are Monday, Feb. 13 and Tuesday, Feb. 21.


FIRST - we have Ski Club Yearbook pictures TODAY.  Check the schedule for your grade level and make sure you don't miss it!
SECOND - TOMORROW - ALL Ski Club members will eat lunch in the LGI.  You should get your lunch immediately and head straight to the LGI.  During this time, we will have a Ski Club meeting, discuss important information, answer any questions you have, and perhaps watch an inspirational video.
Our first trip is THIS FRIDAY, Dec. 23.  We will be distributing Ski Club cards starting tomorrow and continuing on Thursday.  
Please see Mr. Sears if you have any questions. 



Unfortunately, Swiss Valley will not open in time for our first scheduled trip this Friday. They will be making snow, and they hope to open next week. Our first trip is now re-scheduled for NEXT Friday, December 23.
Later this week, members will be receiving their Ski Club cards and a sheet with important information and instructions for Ski Club nights.

Also – the best way for you and your parents to stay current with Ski Club announcements regarding trips and cancellations is to sign up for free email and/or text alerts with the REMIND app. See  the Schmucker Ski Club web page for details.


Our first trip is scheduled for just one week from today - Friday, December 16.
While the weather forecast seems to suggest that we may actually be able to go on this trip, please remember that the biggest deciding factor is of course whether Swiss Valley Is able to open by that date.
For the latest up to the minute news regarding ski club trips, remember that you and your parents can sign up for free email and/or text alerts with the Remind app.
You will receive your ski club membership card next week along with a very important information sheet highlighting frequently asked questions such as "how do I get my skis or snowboard to school? ", and "where do I put my big bulky bag of belongings on a ski club day? "
Stay tuned to WSMS and the Schmucker website for more details and announcements, and see Mr. Sears if you have any questions.