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PE and Wellness Clothing Info

Clothing necessary for participation in Wellness class activities throughout the school year is as follows:

Shorts: athletic style, any color, five inch inseam or longer (no cut offs)

T-shirt: yellow or gold - short sleeves

Shoes: tennis shoes with ties for securing to the feet - no vans, mules, canvas ballet flats



All clothing should be labeled with student's first initial and last name (no nicknames). Clothing purchased from the Schmucker PTO will have designated labeling area on them. Clothes not purchased from the PTO will be acceptable if they follow the guidelines and are labeled correctly. The Wellness teachers will have fabric markers available the first day of class. Students must purchase their own lock for gym lockers. Locks remain the property of the students. School personnel will not keep a record of keys or lock combinations. Participation in wellness activities is required for all students unless excused for medical reasons. To be excused from participation, a physician's note is required.