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Photo Consent Form



At Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation we value the strong communications we have with our families and community partners. Our students, teachers and staff are actively involved in many activities often winning school, local, state, national or international recognition. We are proud of the amazing work accomplished by all our students. As part of our ongoing communication efforts, the District and/or Schools would like to spread the good news about these accomplishments. But in order to publicize the name, photo or works of your student(s), we need consent from the parent and/or guardian. This is the purpose of this form.


Photographs, video and/or audio may be taken of students and/or Student Work (as hereinafter defined) as a part of a curricular project, to promote a school event or to showcase student achievement.   The Penn­ Harris-Madison School Corporation  (the "School Corporation") may use images and names of students and/or Student Work on any form of printed or digital communication, including P-H-M District or school websites, social media and newsletters. As part of P-H-M's public relations efforts, your student's achievement and/or involvement can also be shared with third party news media outlets. "Student Work" includes, but is not limited to: drawings; materials; writings; photographs; and images.


I understand that by marking “Yes” this on this form I hereby give permission to post and/or publish photographs, the name, and/or Student Work by the student listed below of  on the aforementioned websites, social media and any form of digital or written publication.   I understand and agree that my child is not entitled to any compensation for Student Work or images appearing in said printed and/or digital communications.


Please note that this consent form cannot apply to public events. If your child attends or participates in an event that is open to the general public, such as a P-H-M athletic, theater, band, orchestra, choir, academic competition or another type of school or district sponsored activity, pictures might be taken and used in the before named district communications.