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Schmucker Scrip Program

Scrip Info 

Free Money for Your Child’s DC Account

Every Schmucker student has the opportunity to travel with SMS to Washington, DC in 8th grade.    Schmucker PTO Website

What is it?

Scrip is a national fundraising program for non-profit organizations. Over 30,000 different organizations use Scrip; the district PTO’s have been running this program for years. The concept is simple. You purchase gift cards and a rebate is given back. Other PHM schools that have been participating, have purchased almost $800,000 worth of gift cards and earned about $56,000 in free money! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! It is truly free money! Here is why. There are over 700 retailers that sell their gift cards to Scrip at various discounts. You order these gift cards from Scrip at full face value, and the PTO, as the non-profit organization, receives the rebate. In our case, the PTO puts 100% of that rebate into your child’s school DC account and you receive the full value of the gift card - it’s a win-win! 

For example:

  1. Starbucks sells their $100 gift card to Scrip for a discount.
  1. You order a $100 Starbucks gift card from Scrip and you pay $100 for it.
  1. Scrip then puts $7 into the SMS PTO account because Starbucks has a 7% rebate.
  1. The PTO now has $7 to put into YOUR child’s DC account.
  1. You get your $100 Starbucks card.
  1. So, you paid $100 for a $100 gift card, but earned $7.00 in free money! 


Well, think of it this way - the average SMS family rebate could be about $35 per month. Here’s how that could look:

Scrip 1


If the DC trip costs approximately $900, then you just earned over $40.90 in free money toward that trip in just one month by paying for your regular purchases with gift cards. At that rate, you’d have the entire trip paid for in 2 years.

What’s the catch? No catch! It just may take some pre-planning as to where you think you will be shopping and how much you will spend. 


Don’t want to deal with this every month? Then just do it when you go on vacation!  Here’s an example:


Scrip 2


Boom! One Scrip order for vacation and you’ve got $333.50 toward the DC trip!


How does it work?

There are 3 types of gift cards you can purchase (note - not every retailer offers all three options):

  1. Physical - these are just like the gift cards you buy in a store. The PTO places an order for these once per month.​
  2. Reload - once you have purchased a gift card from Scrip, some retailers offer the ability to just “reload” that same card. Depending on how you pay for the Reload, the amount will either be applied to the card within 2 days.
  3. ScripNow - this is an electronic gift card. The ScripNow “e-card” will be available for you to use within minutes. You will receive an email when your ScripNow e-card is available. It will also show up in your Scrip account online. It will also appear in your My Scrip Wallet account on your smartphone if you have the mobile website downloaded.


Here is how to pay for your gift cards: PrestoPay or credit card

PrestoPay is a payment directly to Scrip. Your bank account is linked directly to the Scrip website via a secure ACH connection - the same way you pay bills online. There is a  $0.15 fee per order. In your cart, you will see two options for payments check or PrestoPay. We only accept PrestoPay or credit card so make sure to click on this option. 


Where Do I Sign Up?

Please enroll in the new directory below:


Please let me know if you have any questions and then I will send you further information.  You can also get started on the website. They have videos and instructions on Presto pay, which is the only form of payment we accept. 

Sign in  at, Push get started, family enrollment, join scrip program, enter code, link bank account, you’re ready to shop and start earning FREE MONEY!

Read the SMS PTO Scrip Policy Page found on SMS PTO scrip information link

Then read Scrip FAQs and Scrip Tips to learn ways to maximize your earnings!

SMS SCRIP Code:  contact


Questions? First read the Scrip FAQs (found on SMS PTO scrip info link), then contact SMS PTO Scrip Coordinators, at



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