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Schmucker Scrip Program

Scrip is a national fundraising program for non-profit organizations. Over 30,000 different organizations use Scrip; the district PTO’s have been running this program for years. The concept is simple. You purchase gift cards and a rebate is given back. Other PHM schools that have been participating have purchased almost $800,000 worth of gift cards and earned about $56,000 in free money! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! It is truly free money!

Here is why: Ttere are over 700 retailers that sell their gift cards to Scrip at various discounts. You order these gift cards from Scrip at full face value, and the PTO, as the non-profit organization, receives the rebate. In our case, the PTO puts 90% of that rebate into your child’s school DC account and puts 10% into the PTO fund, but you still receive the full value of the gift card - it’s a win-win!

Here is what you must do to participate:

STEP 1: Sign up on

STEP 2: Email Include the student's name (first and last) and the parent's name (first and last) to receive the Scrip code.

STEP 3: Enroll at (with the code you receive from the Scrip Coordinators).


We are accepting the no-hassle Presto Pay format offered by Scrip. All payments are made directly from your bank account to Scrip, rather than writing checks to the PTO. It's a quick and easy way to order ScripNow and use it within minutes. Also, reload with no need to wait for SMS PTO to confirm your check cleared.


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