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Track Notes from Mr. Sears


Hello SMS 7th and 8th Grade BOYS,

The first practice for the BOYS track team will be after school until 6 pm on Monday, March 20.
Please bring athletic clothing and shoes, and be prepared to do a little listening and a little running... or maybe a lot of each?
Your ride should pick you up in the NORTH parking lot by NO LATER THAN 6 PM (the North lot is the one closest to the gym)
Perhaps some participation in INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES on TuesdayWednesday,  and Thursday could help you prepare! (There's weightlifting on Tuesday and there is  Foosball and Frisbee Free Day on Wednesday and Thursday.  Thursday is also the final weightlifting opportunity!) All intramural activities this week will run from 4-6 pm!)
Thank you,
Coach Sears
Special Reminder:
If you are interested in joining either the boys' or girls' school track team, You MUST have an ATHLETICS PHYSICAL FORM on file in the office or you will not be able to participate!
If you have already participated in a school sport THIS SCHOOL YEAR, that means you already have your physical form on file. 
If you have NOT turned in a physical form, you should talk to your parents ASAP in order to get one scheduled so you will be able to start the season the same time as everyone else.
If you are NOT SURE if you have a form on file, you most likely do NOT!  Check with your parents, the school office, or a track coach to find out more if needed.
SMS Track Coaches