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Transportation and Bus Policies

Temporary Alternate Busing


If your child is planning on going home on another bus with a friend, it is important to remember that the bus driver needs permission from the school office. The office will grant permission if we have a note from both parents (sending and receiving) and if the bus is not full as determined by the Transportation Center. We cannot, however, permit boys and girls to go home together even if they have parental permission. Parents would need to make these arrangements on their own after school hours.



Student Arrival Policy


This year, we've had many students that are dropped off at Schmucker before the start of the school day. It is important that we remind students and parents that students should not be brought to Schmucker before 8:00am unless there is a pre-arranged meeting such as athletic practice or tutoring. Dropping your student off before 8:00am may place your child in an unsupervised position and as the weather becomes colder, place them in a potentially hazardous environment as they stand outside in the elements waiting for our staff to arrive at 8:00am. We thank you for your support!