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Athletic Forms

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the IHSAA is allowing physicals from the 2019-2020 school year (those physicals dated after April 1, 2019) to carry over to the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, a student-athlete who played last school year, the physical from last year’s sports season can apply for this coming year’s sports season. However, new student-athletes who do not have a previous physical on file with the school will be required to have a sports physical dated after April 1, 2020 to play for this school year. Physicals are required to be on file in “Register My Athlete” before your student can participate in any sport.

  • Due to COVID-19, Student-athletes are required to fill out the “2020-2021 IHSAA Health History Update Questionnaire and Consent & Release Certificate.” You can click here to download, print and complete the form. The form must be scanned and uploaded into your student’s “Register My Athlete” before your student can participate in any sport. You can also access the IHSAA Questionnaire and Certificate from your “Register My Athlete” account.

  • Register My Athlete – Register My Athlete is now required for parents to use to register their students online for sports or activities by uploading the required IHSAA physical forms, review and acknowledge acceptance of the Athletics and Activities Code, as well as making the required payments online. Click the link for basic steps to follow when registering your athlete for the first time.

  • IHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) Form –  The IHSAA Physician's Certificate of physical fitness must be on file in the main office each school year. Click the link to download and print this form which must be completed each spring (no sooner than April 1) in order for any student, Grade 6 and higher, to participate in school-sponsored athletics the following school year. This must be on file through Register My Athlete before your child tries out for the sport.

  • Middle School Athletics and Activities Code  – Both the student and a parent must read and acknowledge that they’ve read the Code in order for the student to participate in any contest, competition, or activity during the school year. This form covers all athletic, academic competitions and extracurricular activities for the school year. Acknowledgement and acceptance of the Middle School Athletics & Activities Code is done online through Register My Athlete.

  • Middle School Accident Insurance – P-H-M requires for students wishing to participate in district sponsored athletic programs to have insurance, either family medical insurance or student accident insurance. K & K Insurance is one of many companies that offer K-12 school student accident insurance. Families are free to chose any accident medical insurance from any company they desire, but must provide proof of insurance. Click the link to download a pdf of the company flier or visit their website at