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SPARC Peer Mentor Program

During the 2015-2016 school year, we developed an eighth grade leadership and mentoring program at Schmucker called SPARC, for Spartan Peer Alliance Raising Connections.  We are excited about the success of this program and look forward to a great future with SPARC! We continue to have mentors eagerly awaiting the opportunity to make a difference at SMS. Multiple mentors have been assigned to each sixth grade Advisory class.  The SPARC members actively participate in a variety of ways every MondayTuesday, and Thursday during this time. Sixth grade students are encouraged to ask their mentors questions about SMS, organization, study tips, or anything else that 8th graders might be able to help with. SPARC mentors are looking forward to setting an example of what it means to Show Respect, Make a Difference, and Set the Bar High as they work with your sixth grade students throughout the year!  Each spring we will begin the process of recruiting 7th graders to participate in this program during their 8th grade year.  


For more information on SPARC and their role in our Advisory program at SMS, you can watch this video: 


You can also reach out to Mrs. Maddie Schmidt.