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College and Career Day January 15, 2021

On Friday, January 15th, students will be participating in a College and Career Day.  At the beginning of the day, students will report to their first period Google Meet for attendance.   Students will NOT have regularly scheduled classes for the remainder of the day.  After they have checked in with their 1st period teacher, students will begin their College and Career Day with Naviance --  an online college and career program that gives students the opportunity to explore different career paths and opportunities.  Each student will have a series of lessons and activities to complete throughout the day.  
Students will receive a message the morning of January 15th with all of the guided lessons and videos they need to complete their College and Career Day activities.  School counselors, Mrs. Eck and Mrs. Hoover, will be available to students through Google Meets, should any students have questions or need help throughout the day.