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Gold and Silver for SMS Band and Orchestra Students at ISSMA

Several of our band and orchestra students  participated in ISSMA Solo and Ensemble at Northwood High School this past Saturday. We had 58 soloists, and 40  ensembles perform. Students were given ratings and feedback from the judges with a score to determine the rating for their performance. The top performance score is Gold, followed by Silver, and Bronze.

We are so proud of these kids for taking risk and getting out of their comfort zone! Several of our 8th graders pushed themselves to go in higher rating levels and played high school level music!  Some of them got a silver, but learned how to challenge themselves! (and missed Gold by a half a point!) 

Here are the medal results:
54 soloist earned Gold
5 soloist earned silver
142 gold medals earned for ensemble players
19 silvers earned for ensembles

These results are because of their hard work and we are so proud of them!!!