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Math Fun at Schmucker!

Students at Schmucker Learning about Drones
Students at Schmucker Learning about Drones

Schmucker math teachers Nancy Ladson & Chase Pinon teamed up and came up with a creative way to get their 6th and 7th grade students excited about math. To teach the students data analysis and unit rates students got to use drones!

Math with Drones 1


The student teams set up "runways" measuring and accurately marking the number of centimeters down one edge. Students then ran their programs and measured the distance the drone traveled down the runway.

Drone runway

After multiple trials, and recording each trial, students calculated a unit rate and found the mean of their trials. The data was then entered into a shared spreadsheet for Mr. Pinion to use for a future project for his 8th grade math class.

Math with drones


Creativity in Mathematics!