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Rep. Walorski makes special appearance on WSMS

Rep. Walorski makes special appearance on WSMS

Congresswoman Jackie ​Walorski (R-2) visited Schmucker Middle School this morning (Wednesday, April 17, 2019) dropping in for a special appearance on WSMS.


When the Congresswoman arrived, she was greeted by P-H-M Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker, Principal Lavon Dean-Null and National Honor Society (NJHS) officers Owen Black and Lillian Gregory. The Students gave a brief overview about Schmucker and then escorted Rep. Walorski to our WSMS studios.


During the special edition of WSMS Sobia Ahmed and Principal Dean-Null asked Congresswoman Walorski questions that students had previously submitted. The segment was aired throughout the building so that the entire student body could watch.


The WSMS studio crew did a marvelous job with production—it was flawless! Great job by students Cleary Welsh and Kimberly Diaz on studio cameras and the crew in the control both: Ben Wroblewski, Luca Duffield, Lauren Schwier and Maya Savannah led by Mrs. Hollenberg.


Once the special edition of WSMS was done the Congresswoman then visited with Schmucker’s 8th grade NJHS students and teacher sponsors Mrs. Ladson, Mrs. Westra and Ms. Cook in the library. Students Reagan Ludwig, Daisy Huber and Joanna Rajkumar “emceed” the Q&A session with Rep. Walorski asking her questions that the group had previously submitted. 


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