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Student Technology Help


Internet resources all over the world are currently very busy! You may encounter errors with websites, school curriculum or other internet resources. If you receive an error message when trying to access resources, please be patient and try again after a few minutes. If you continue to receive an error message after trying multiple times, you can email the teacher who assigned the work to let them know.

P-H-M’s Guide to Technology on the district website will provide parents with many of the resources needed to help your student with eLearning. Click this link:


If your student’s Chromebook is in need of repair, please send an email to the P-H-M Technology Department at Please include all of the following in your email, in addition to your student’s name:


Parent’s name
The School Name
Student’s email address
Describe the issue/problem Chromebook is experiencing


If the Chromebook needs to be replaced, P-H-M Technology will communicate how and where you will trade in the current Chromebook. You must turn in the damaged Chromebook. New Chromebooks will not be issued unless you return the damaged Chromebook first.